Find answers to the most commonly asked questions!

What is an Eco-Sprinkling system?

Eco-Sprinkling is an irrigation system that is made of high quality water conserving products for your lawn and landscape.

Should my irrigation system operate the same everyday even though the weather changes?

No, an Eco-Sprinkling system automatically manages your irrigation system daily based upon current weather conditions, saving thousands of gallons of water annually.

How does my Eco-Sprinkling system decide if my lawn/landscape need watering?

A weather based timer collects weather data and rainfall and along with the data programmed into your timer during installation calculates when, where and for how long to water.

I will have a new lawn is an Eco-Sprinkling system right for me?

An Eco-Sprinkling system timer has a new lawn grow in program that ensures your new seed or sod establishment. Once the lawn is established the timer automatically changes the program to an established lawn.

Should I have irrigation in my landscape beds?

We recommend drip irrigation in landscape beds, drip delivers low volume water to the plants root system where it’s needed. Drip is cost effective to install and conserves thousands of gallons of water annually.

What is a backflow device or vacuum breaker?

This device is installed by the water supply of the irrigation system to prevent any water in the irrigation system from coming back into the house hold water and contaminating it, the device is required by law.

When should I winterize my irrigation system?

Every season is different, but typically anytime after the end of September is a good time to get an appointment for this service.

When should I activate my system for Spring?

Every season is different but typically by Mid April the danger of freezing is gone and you can schedule this service.

I’ve been watching the system run and it’s different every time. Why do some zones run and others don’t?

Set days and times are a thing of the past. Your new smart controller was programmed with your soil type, shaded areas, and whether your lawn is flat or sloped. With this information and the weather data it receives from the weather pod mounted outside, it calculates what zones need to run and for how long.

It’s raining outside. Why is my system still running?

Your rain sensor must collect enough rain to shut the system down. If your system has the weather pod, the program should suspend sprinkling after .04in of rain has been collected. Most other rain sensors will suspend after ¼ to ½ inches of rain depending on the setting.